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# Spacing Functions

The spacing() function is fairly basic, but help ensure consistency in your UI. The function will pull the values based on the $spacing-sizes variable in the _variables.scss file at the root of the /00_Abstracts directory.

# Application

You are most likely to get the most milage out of this function using the spacing mixins, but you are still able to use the function to access the values for additional functions or directly in your style sheets.

# Example

Here is an example of using the spacing() function along with the color() function.

.alert {
    border-left: solid color(primary) spacing(sm);

The function can also take negative values.

.negative-margin {
    margin-left: spacing(-sm);


While there may be a need to call the spacing function directly, in general, for margin and padding, it is better to use the spacing mixins.