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# Font Sizes Mixins

By establishing a set of predefined font sizes can really do a lot to speed up development time and smooth out the user experience.

The mixins will pull the values based on the $font-sizes variable in the _variables.scss file at the root of the /00_Abstracts directory.


For accessibility reasons, it is a good idea to keep your base font size at least 16px. If you are using the default $font-sizes variables values, the xs and xxs font sizes should be used sparingly.

# Example

Here is an example of how you can use the mixin to build out your application's headings:

h1 {
    @include font-size(xxl);

h2 { 
    @include font-size(xl);

h3 {
    @include font-size(lg);

h4 {
    @include font-size(md);

h5 {
    @include font-size(sm);

h6 {
    @include font-size(xs);

# !important

Setting the !important property on your rules is as simple as adding another value to your your mixin - font-size(lg, true).